Wine Bloggers Conference 2015 Extras

wine bloggers conference 2015

Are you attending the 2015 Wine Bloggers Conference in Corning, New York from August 13th to 16th?

If so, be sure to connect with us — that’s right, Banfi Wines will be there!

For one, you’ll want to attend Fizzyology 101: In-depth Study of Lambrusco Styles, one of the Wine Discovery Sessions held on Friday, August 14th, at 1:30 PM. Led by Banfi’s Director of Wine Education Bill Whiting, you’ll learn, among other things:

  • Grapes that can go into Lambrusco (yes, there’s more than one variety!)
  • Sub-regions and DOCs of Lambrusco
  • Styles of Lambrusco (did you know they can be bone-dry, and fermented in bottle?)
  • Food pairings for Lambrusco
  • Where the “stomach of Italy” is located
  • How Howdy-Doody made Lambrusco famous (true story!)
  • How Lambrusco made Susan Lucci famous (but couldn’t help her win an Emmy!)
  • Why Lambrusco might be the most versatile wine in the world
  • The straight dope on “real Lambrusco” and how you can spot a fake

Oh, you’ll also get to taste several types of Lambrusco — including one that no one else in the USA has ever tasted before — and authentic food pairings from Emilia-Romagna, Italy. And, if you’re really nice, Bill Whiting might share with you a story about being backstage with the Rolling Stones and never-before-seen footage of Keith Richards (which have nothing to do with Lambrusco … or do they?).

Attending Fizzyology 101 on Friday at 1:30 in the Keuka Room is only the beginning of your wine education from Banfi at the Wine Bloggers Conference. In between WBC15 activities, and during your down time, you have the chance to taste and learn about 50 different wines from a half-dozen countries around the world. The Banfi Suite will be open from noon to midnight for VIP tastings (as well as guitar jamming and cornhole tournaments). Among the wines you’ll have the opportunity to taste:

  • 2010 Brunello (a.k.a., “the greatest vintage in the history of Montalcino”)
  • A “white Amarone” (yup, there IS such a thing)
  • The first-ever certified biodynamic wine from the Southern Hemisphere
  • The second-ever certified biodynamic wine from the Southern Hemisphere
  • Frank Sinatra’s favorite wine
  • Alsatian varietals grown in Washington State and made by a French guy (Alsatian is NOT a dog!)
  • Two Sicilian wines that make sommeliers weep
  • A ginger wine (that’s right — not ale, not beer, not liqueur, but ginger WINE)
  • A wine made from Pecorino (the grape, not the cheese … you DID know there was a grape, right?)
  • A wine made from Albarossa, a grape cross between Barbera and Nebbiolo (or maybe not Nebbiolo?)
  • Three different styles of Prosecco, to compare and contrast
  • Five different styles of Lambrusco
  • An organic Carmenere from Chile
  • Roses from Oregon, Abruzzo, Veneto, and Provence
  • A big Cabernet from Bolgheri (but none from Bulgary nor Bulgari)
  • A wine “shandy” (who knew?)
  • The only Pinot Grigio made in Montalcino
  • A wine so amazing, so mind-blowing, its nickname is “The Big O”

… and about three dozen more selected bottles from Banfi’s cellar.

Oh, and we’re serious about the guitar and cornhole games, so if you’re looking for a break from all the wine stuff happening during the conference, c’mon by and say hello! We’ll be tweeting out the room number from @banfiwines, so be sure to follow on Twitter.

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