This is the Banfi Blog, an utterly self-aggrandizing platform for Banfi Vintners, the longest continuously owned and operated family wine importer in the United States. Yes, the Mariani family has been the sole proprietor since 1919, and yes, Banfi did legally import wine during Prohibition (it was a “medicine” called Florio Marsala).

Do not be surprised if you find blog posts here that promote wines that just happen to be imported by Banfi Vintners; in fact, it should be expected. However, at the same time you should also learn a little bit about wine, food pairing, the wine business, and great wine blogs, among other things. Heck, you might even be entertained once in a while.

If you would like to comment, by all means please do — the second purpose of the Banfi Blog (other than self-promotion) is to stimulate conversation. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for visiting!

– the Banfi team, Old Brookville, NY.