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Links: Brunello Banter and White Wines for Summer

Want to get an idea on the why everyone is talking about the 2007 Brunello vintage? Read International Wine Review’s comprehensive report (subscription required); you can also see the quick synopsis / intro on the i-winereview blog.

Charles Scicolone offers a smattering of summer white wines for sipping, all from Italy, all under twenty bucks.

While on the subject of summer white wines from Italy, Tom Hyland discusses the reinvention of Frascati, Andrew Chalk talks the same subject, and the Dallas Wine Chick relays a conversation with Fontana Candia winemaker Mauro Merz.

Speaking of winemakers, check out the Q&A with Andrea Cecchi in The Wine Guy’s recent installment of his Winemaker Interview series.

How about a quick and easy, light summer dish? Go to TuscanVines for a Shrimp and Pasta Primavera recipe.

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