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Judgment of Paris Recreated in Moscow: Again the New World Wins!

This is an official press release from our friends at Concha y Toro.

Amelia, Concha y Toro’s Top Chardonnay, ranked first at a tasting inspired by the legendary Judgment of Paris
• Concha y Toro’s Top Chardonnay won first place at the Moscow Wine Tasting, an event conducted by Steven Spurrier, British wine writer and advising editor of Decanter magazine. The event followed the format of the legendary Paris Tasting organized by Spurrier in 1976, in which Californian wines ranked higher than renowned French wines.
• This historic accolade gives Amelia, and Chilean whites in general, a place of honor in the international wine industry.

Amelia Chardonnay 2008, produced by the winemaker Ignacio Recabarren, was chosen N°1 in its class at the 2011 Moscow Tasting, held at the end of October as part of the Moscow International Wine Expo (MIWE). The tasting set Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon wines from the world’s leading producers against each other.
The event followed the format of the historic blind tasting known as the Paris Tasting, organized by Steven Spurrier in 1976, in which Californian wines were ranked above the most famous wines of France. This victory opened a new chapter in New World winemaking, with the event described as “the most famous wine tasting in history.”
To commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Paris Tasting, Steven Spurrier, the distinguished wine writer, made his first visit to Russia at the invitation of the MIWE to conduct the 2011 Moscow Tasting. The event was divided into two separate tastings, with the Chardonnays presented on day one and the Cabernet Sauvignons, including Cabernet-based blends, being tasted on day two. Each tasting included 10 wines selected by Steven Spurrier himself, all in the same general price range.
The judges were wine experts and sommeliers from Russia, Italy, the Ukraine and the United Kingdom, and included Spurrier himself, Eleonora Scholes, Anton Panasenko, Pavel Shvets, Igor Serdyuk, Karina Sogoyan and Margarita Krasnopolskaya. The tastings were blind and the judges rated the wines on a 20-point scale, just as they did at the original tasting in 1976. A general ranking of the wines was arrived at by averaging the points awarded to each wine.

In the Chardonnay tasting, Amelia Chardonnay 2008, Concha y Toro’s Top Chardonnay, was ranked first by the panel of judges against wines from France, Italy, Chile, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

Ignacio Recabarren has become a reference for Chilean wines. Sound vision and insight have helped him to discover conditions favouring white grape cultivation in the Casablanca Valley and make Amelia Chile’s first Ultra Premium Chardonnay.

Amelia’s historic triumph gives the white wines of Concha y Toro, and indeed of Chile, a place of honor in the international wine industry.

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