Banfi Wines recently partnered with In Our Shoes, a program and training that empowers female professionals and small business owners to establish confidence through a step-by-step leadership plan and inspiring networking events. On March 31st, twenty women gathered in Tribeca for the monthly “Gutsy Leadership” event paired with educational wine tastings by Banfi.

In Our Shoes’ founder Marisa Santori facilitated the retreat, where participants shared business challenges and received the guidance needed to stretch themselves toward their career and business goals. Rebecca Canan, Marketing & Communications Manager at Banfi Vintners, led the group through a “Taste of Italy” with three Banfi wines: San Angelo Pinot Grigio, BelnerO, and Rosa Regale. Attendees learned more about Italian wine, as well as gained practical tips, such as how to order wine in a business setting and how to pair food and wine.

You can see footage from past events here and sign up for future events on the In Our Shoes website.

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