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Hello Giggles Wants/Needs Eufloria Cans

HelloGiggles included Eufloria Aromatic White in a round-up titled WANT/NEED: Gourmet Chocolate Bars (because you fancy), and More Stuff You Want to Buy.

Author Emily Popp wrote

Canned wine gets a reputation for being less sophisticated than bottled wine, but that is so not true. I’m very into fancy canned wines, like this Eufloria white wine. It’s an aromatic, light and bright white with notes of citrus and peach. It’s the perfect wine to crack open after a long day at work. I love the convenience of canned wines because you can throw them in the cooler for a picnic and not have to worry about a bottle opener or the glass breaking. And each can is a hefty serving: it’s actually two full glasses worth. The article highlights Eufloria as a light and bright white wine that is perfect to crack open after a long day at work.

Eufloria wine cans featured in Hello Giggles

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