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Grilling Inspiration for Frascati Friday

The long (but never long enough) Labor Day weekend is upon us, the unofficial end of summer. Any chance you’ll be getting your grill on? I thought so, and to help inspire you, here are a few links and recipes to follow.

First up, April suggests Ten Things You Should Be Grilling This Summer at Food n’ Focus. Can you squeeze in all ten in the next three days?

Ten things not enough? Fine, how about we double it? Lisa at Wine and Glue offers More Than 20 Summer Grilling Recipes — this may be the only post you need for the weekend (and the next several weekends).

No time for long lists? Keep it simple, and Italian, by making John Fodera’s authentic Tuscan Grilled Lemon Chicken.

Enough food ideas? How about something different to beat the heat — like the rose and lemonade mixes concocted by SommInTheCity.

Want to show off at the neighborhood barbecue by sabering a sparkling wine? Get tips and demonstrations using various household items from The Drunken Cyclist.

Oh, and you know, Fontana Candida Frascati is fantastic with just about anything, it’s remarkably value-priced (that means it won’t take much from your wallet), and it comes in party-friendly 1.5L size — so pick up a few bottles on your way to the party.

Have more tips and ideas for this weekend’s outdoor festivities? Post them in the comments below, and Happy Labor Day!

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