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Grilling Ideas for Fourth of July

grilling meats and vegetables on a gas grill
What are you making for the Fourth? Chances are, your Independence Day weekend will include outdoor grilling. Here are some ideas for dishes, marinades, and quick cooking over the coals.

Do you like steak? As far as we’re concerned, there’s one way to grill it, and that’s Tuscan style! Check out Diane Fluin’s Grilled Tuscan Ribeye, originally posted for Father’s Day but still absolutely applicable.

Ribeye too rich for you this weekend? You can soup up a sirloin with this quick and easy, zesty marinade by Mary Ann Esposito.

Oh, “Tuscan style” is also the way we prefer to grill pork chops. Use John Fodera’s recipe for Tuscan Grilled Pork Chops if you want something inspired by an authentic Italian dish.

Have a smoker and doing barbecue? Ever wonder if it’s worth it to make your own BBQ sauce? Andrea Lynn tackles the question of homemade BBQ sauce on Tastebook — and provides a recipe.

(BTW, Riunite Lambrusco is hands-down the greatest wine pairing for BBQ ribs / slow-cooked pulled pork in the history of mankind — or at least, I think so.)

Want an “out of the box” idea? How about grilled pizza? Hoot n Annie pulled it off, and with a cauliflower crust to boot!

Need some wine pairing ideas? Watch our rock-star CEO Cristina Mariani-May suggest wines to pair with summer meals, including grilled dishes, and see The World Wine Guys’ suggested wine pairings as well.

And this isn’t for the grill, but if you’re going to a party and been asked to bring dessert, Cindy Rynning’s Raspberry Cobbler or Nick Stellino’s Cherry Almond Pudding are two refreshing choices using in-season fruits.

What are you grilling this weekend? Have ideas and recipes to share? Post them in the comments below.

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