Fizzyology 101: In-depth Study of Lambrusco Styles

Photo of Banfi Director of Wine Education Bill Whiting presenting Lambrusco in Corning, NY

Were you in Corning, NY, for the 2015 Wine Bloggers Conference? If so, you may have enjoyed “Fizzyology 101: In-depth Study of Lambrusco Styles,” presented by Bill Whiting, Director of Wine Education for Banfi Vintners (a.k.a., “Banfi Bill“).

If you missed the seminar — or if you want to reference some of the information Bill discussed — you can download a PDF of the presentation here (right-click to “save as” if it doesn’t download automatically). We apologize as we cannot digitally deliver the delicious wines nor the Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, Prosciutto di Parma, and mortadella that accompanied the presentation.

To those of you who attended Fizzyology 101, thank you very much for joining us — we know there were two other outstanding discovery sessions you could have chosen. To those who missed the Lambrusco tasting, hopefully we were able to meet up with you at some point during the conference (was #goingrogue a thing?). Either way, we hope you had a great time, tasted wonderful wines, and learned a little. And, we look forward to seeing you next year in Lodi for #WBC16.

Now, what about Lambrusco? Did you learn something about Lambrusco that you didn’t know before? Was there something about the session or the wine that opened your eyes? Any desire to visit “the stomach of Italy” now? Post your feedback in the comments — and if you have any questions, requests, or plan to blog about Lambrusco or any wines handled by Banfi, be sure to let us know.

Many thanks to Sandra Crittenden, The Vineyard Trail, Naked Winery, Krista Lamb, WineDom, and Town Hall for taking the photos below (be sure to follow those folks on Twitter!).

3 thoughts on “Fizzyology 101: In-depth Study of Lambrusco Styles

  1. Joe Janish

    Everyone makes mistakes! Though really, all the sessions were excellent choices, so I doubt there was a “wrong” one.

    Yes, we’ll see you in Lodi next year. Meantime let us know what you need. Three of the Lambruscos we presented are available via PLCB — do you want samples?

  2. Sandra Crittenden

    “We apologize as we cannot digitally deliver the delicious wines…”
    What? This in not the future world that I was promised as a child 🙁
    Excellent seminar, great wines and lots of fun! Arrivederci, until we Riunite again…
    Please tell Bill that the donkey’s name is Brunello.


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