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Marsala for Egg Nog and Other Adventures

Zabaione or Zabaglione, whichever way you spell it, it’s still a tasty custard. And did you know it’s given to Sardinian grooms on their wedding night for “strength”? Learn more about the history of zabaione / zabaglione by reading Clifford Wright’s story on Zester, which includes an easy recipe so you can whip up a bowl for yourself.

And did you know that Marsala enhances egg nog? Charles Perry offers a delicious recipe for spiked egg nog that includes the sweet Sicilian specialty as an option.

What wine works with pizza, turkey, and everything in between? Why, Riunite Lambrusco of course. The recommendation comes from a blog whose name tugs at my hearstrings — Wine or Die. The same site also reviews Banfi Chianti Superiore.

How about shrimp? Read this primer on the pink crustacean that would make Bubba Blue proud, and find out what white wine is a perfect match.

Surely you’re ringing in the New Year with a sparkler (or two, or three, or …), and there are alternatives to Champagne. For example the Wine Curmudgeon suggests one of our favorite Proseccos, as well as a number of other bubblies.

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