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Chile – World Leader in Responsible Grape Growing

It’s all about Chilean wine today …

Canadian journalist John Schreiner has a nice piece up on Chile’s role as a leader in responsible winegrowing.

In related news, Wines of Chile points out that 4 people involved in Chilean wine are among the 30 nominees for Wine Intelligence’s “10 for 10 Business Awards.” The awards will be given to 10 wine industry figures who have personally achieved great things in the past decade, and in doing so have changed the industry for the better.

Along the same lines, Eunice Fried discusses how the Casablanca Valley has emerged as Chile’s top cool-climate wine region.

Another Canadian, Tim Pawsey, writes about how wines from Chile keep improving.

Chilean wines in general showed well at the recent Vancouver Playhouse Wine Festival, and Emiliana Coyam in particular drew raves from many, especially in the twitterverse — even from Masters of Wine.

To learn more about that festival, read Steve Thurlow‘s discourse, and find out what four wines over-delivered.

If you weren’t able to make it to Vancouver for the festival, you can at least enjoy its highlights vicariously through MyWinePal, who details a Concha y Toro wine dinner presented by Isabel Guilisasti Gana and winemaker Tamara Baeremaecker.

Boris Gutierrez didn’t make it to Vancouver, but he did taste Casillero del Diablo Pinot Noir and Emiliana Coyam.

Ken Hoggins of Ken’s Wine Guide also missed the festival, but that didn’t prevent him from trying — and liking — Emiliana Ge.

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