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Celebrating 2012 with Sparkling Selections

There was plenty of bubbly in flutes across the world as people rang in the New Year. But why must the bubbles stop flowing after December 31st? Why can’t we celebrate with sparkling wines more frequently than once a year? After all, isn’t life worth celebrating? Certainly more than a ball dropping, I’d think.

Toward that end, let’s review sparkling selections from some of our favorite people.

Paul Gregutt wrote a great piece on Sparklers and Sweet Reds, identifying them as “It” wines. He was kind enough to include Maschio Prosecco Brut, Cadoro Moscato, Principessa Perlante, and our favorite red sweet sparkler, Rosa Regale.

Nikki Berglund of the High Plains Reader also wrote up a number of sparklers in her article “Bubbly, My Top 10 of 2011“. Included in the list was, again, Rosa Regale.

Finally, there was Beeb Ashcroft, who had a romantic yet sans sparkling New Year’s Eve, opting instead for Florio Marsala. Now that’s celebrating out of the box … or is it, the bottle?

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