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Castello Banfi Featured by Charles Scicolone

Castello Banfi is the focus of Charles Scicolone’s article “Visiting Castello Banfi.” The longtime, well-respected wine writer visited the estate recently as part of a grappa press trip and recounted details of his tour of the estate and tasting of wines and grappa.

While touring the winery, Scicolone noted:

Mr. Mariani told us about the history of the Castello Banfi Estate and other interesting stories about the workings of what he referred to as a ‘state of the art winery’ always upgrading and improving. Mr. Mariani showed us the temperature controlled horizontal hybrid stainless steel and wood tanks where fermentation takes place. Here these tanks allow for optimal temperature controlled fermentation with the end result of wines that are less astringent, less bitter and softer. He said the wines are unfiltered and bottled under nitrogen, reducing sulfites and histamines for a more pure and natural wine.

In the article’s conclusion, Scicolone writes:

It was a wonderful visit and I wish I could have spent more time here as there was just so much to see and some much information to absorb. … What a lucky group to enjoy this beautiful place, wonderful people and great products!

Charles Scicolone Visits Castello Banfi

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